Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

cannabis mission statement


This website exists in order to change attitudes – and laws – regarding the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.

The cannabis plant contains roughly 80-100 different compounds called cannabinoids; these cannabinoids are essential for maintaining health and fighting disease. Here is a list of diseases and conditions that cannabinoids have successfully been used to treat:

Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson’s Disease
Chronic Pain Conditions
Lyme Disease
Hepatitis C
Crohn’s Disease
Cystic Fibrosis
Chemo Therapy Treatment
Huntington’s Disease
Wasting Disorders
Tourette’s Syndrome

Thanks to hundreds of scientific studies and widespread, growing use among patients for whom conventional prescription medications have failed, the evidence has become overwhelming. Medical cannabis is real, the movement is expanding rapidly and public support is increasing. Today (February 2014) medical cannabis has built up an inevitable, unstoppable momentum which will lead during the next decade to meaningful legal reform, wholesale re-education and, most importantly, a revolution in health care.

This website argues that a decade is too long to wait for this sea change. Cannabinoids must be an option for sick and dying people today, not after ten more years of government time wasting.

This website believes it unethical and cruel to deny sick and dying people cannabinoids. We call on world governments to recognize this truth and change the law immediately.

This website will encourage the electorate to kick out every single politician who refuses to support cannabinoids for sick and dying people. We will encourage the electorate to support every politician who endorses medical marijuana.

Change is coming; it can’t be stopped. The medicinal value of cannabis is extraordinary; the scientific studies are conclusive; the anecdotal reports are becoming an avalanche, and the inescapable truth is this:

To deny sick and dying people medicine is a crime against humanity.

We can not, and will not, allow our politicians to commit this crime any longer. This change must happen NOW.

Half-Way House of The Insane

Millions upon millions of people currently hold the following opinion regarding cannabis reform laws:

Medical marijuana is a real medicine that should be an option when treating seriously ill people. However, that said, it shouldn’t be legalized for recreational use.

On the surface of things this position appears quite reasonable. It sounds logical enough: for sick people it’s fine, but it shouldn’t be used for fun. When placed under the microscope, unfortunately, this half-way house measure represents a pure form of distilled crazy.

Let me explain the crazy. If you accept cannabis is medicine, then you must believe cannabis has medical merits. You know, for those sick people you know. Thus, cannabis being medicine, shouldn’t it be legal for the rest of us too? To deny a man’s right to grow his own medicine is a crime against that person, committed by institutions of government.

These opponents of full legalization have apparently never heard the phrase “preventive medicine”. See, here’s how it works: we don’t want to get cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, MS, epilepsy, autism or chronic pain. So we figure: why don’t we take a medicine that will protect us against those diseases and that grim death? Like, you know the way we take lots of vitamins to make sure we fight illness and stay strong?

Our idea of having lots of fresh fruit and veg is 100% logical; conversely, actively avoiding vitamins sounds a bit retarded.  We all have the right to use whichever medicine we see fit, thanks for asking, Mr President, and we shouldn’t need you or a doctor to approve it; and we certainly shouldn’t be subjected to policemen busting down our door and stealing our medicine. See, in a free and sane country we would be legally allowed to grow, harvest and consume our own medicine.

Which would you prefer: to be lying back on a surgeon’s table, drugged for hours at a time, helpless, while doctors make holes in you and remove organs… or taking cannabis oil every day?

Which option would you prefer?

Yeah, me too.

“Legalizing Cannabis Will Send The Wrong Message To Kids”

It will not. It will send the right message. It will teach kids that adults have the right to do what they want as long as no one else gets hurt. It will teach kids that governments can’t boss people around in their own home.  Above everything, it will teach kids that freedom is real and tangible, and not just a myth perpetuated by politicians and marketers to sell soda.

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