schedule 1 drugHistory lesson time.  In 1970 Richard Nixon signed into law the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act. This legislation created five “Schedules”, and it chose to list “marijuana” in Schedule 1 – AKA the worst of the worst.

Schedule 1 means the following:

  1. The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse.
  2. The drug or other substance has no currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.
  3. There is a lack of accepted safety for use of the drug or other substance under medical supervision.

Given that cannabis had been used as medicine for between 5,000-10,000 years, and that in the 19th Century it was included in more types of medicine than anything else, this was a puzzling and eccentric classification. Thus, the Representatives of the People decided they had to back it up with some hard, irrefutable science.  So they commissioned a study to look into the dangers of “marijuana”. What happened during the course of that research must have shocked politician and scientist alike. Instead of finding a laundry list of side effects, toxins and carcinogens, they discovered something else: the THC compound in cannabis actually KILLED cancer.

Upon receiving this news, the Nixon administration immediately held a press conference and told the world about it, while announcing that clinical trials would commence right away.

Wait. Actually they didn’t do any of that. Just a total lie right there. Instead, the Representatives of the People shut down the scientific research, and didn’t tell anyone about it; and then chose to continue spreading misinformation about the dangers of cannabis, while simultaneously lying by omission by not speaking about the medical uses. Every third person you’ve ever met in your whole life will get cancer. Why are we not all in open revolt about this?

For the US government to willfully sweep a possible cancer cure under the rug is treason. We don’t need to resort to hyperbole here; there can be no exaggeration when dealing with millions of human beings eaten to death by cancer.

The 1974 research did not conclusively prove that cannabis is a cancer cure, but it showed that THC killed cancer cells, which is a pretty good start. Any government that cared about the welfare of their own people would build on this good start by funding clinical trials immediately; test this out on some cancer sufferers, who would no doubt jump at the opportunity. But, nope.

Since 1974 there have been approximately 40 significant scientific studies on the effects of cannabis compounds on cancer. They all say the same thing: cannabis damages cancer; it shrinks and removes tumors. Yet, even after these studies, the Representatives of the People have refused to instigate clinical trials into the medical potential of cannabis. Governments have spent trillions building weapons and using them on millions of people during the last four decades, but they are not prepared to spend a few million on a cancer cure. If this horrifying realization makes you angry – if these actions by our Representatives enrage you – then you passed the test. Congratulations, you are officially a human being. Our governments, on the other hand, have failed that test spectacularly.

In the 1970s Nixon’s government spent tax payers’ money investigating the dangers of cannabis.  Forty years later, Barack Obama’s government needs to make things right. Obama needs to balance the scales here; cannabis has been treated like a sin when it is life-saving medicine. Let’s spend tax payers’ money on something other than killing machines, and other than locking people in steel cages for selling flowers from a plant. Let’s spend some money looking for a cure to the biggest mass murderer this world has ever known. It’s cancer that needs to be locked in a cage, and if cannabis can pass the life sentence we must empower it to do so.

I strongly urge President Obama to get moving on this. Of the eight presidents since 1974 he is the only one who has a chance to save his reputation.  Sir, commit to studies into cannabis oil immediately for all major illnesses, especially cancer.

To the rest of you reading this: there are always elections coming up. Make this an issue that clings to every politician like flypaper – all throughout their endless campaigning.  If they want your vote then in return they will support clinical trials into cannabis oil.


You want to know the real, right to the very core, beating heart of this scandal? This is a law that makes it illegal for sick people to grow their own medicine, and to cure themselves. The cannabis prohibition law is a sin against nature, and a crime against humanity.

Do not tolerate it.

© 2014, All rights reserved.

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