cannabis juice

Here’s the bottom line on cannabis juice:

Cannabis juice is a non-psychoactive drink (it will, therefore, not intoxicate you) – but WILL kill cancer cells, as well as protecting you from most diseases.

How big a health craze is cannabis juice about to become? Pretty majorly enormous, that’s how big. Within the next ten years either one or several different companies will make billions from this juice.


Think about it: who wouldn’t want to drink something that does all this:

Kills cancer: check!

Reduces risk of stroke: check!

Regulates blood sugar: check!

Protects the brain: check!

Protects the heart: check!

Promotes neurogenesis: check!

Powerful anti-oxidant: check!

As soon as the health benefits – and safety – of cannabis juice reach the talk show circuit the flood gates will crash open. Mothers across America will insist their child have a glass of cannabis juice with breakfast; this will be a non-psychoactive, mass produced juice that is incredibly, incredibly healthy. And whichever brand of cannabis juice gets name checked on national TV is gonna need to upscale to a bigger facility the following week.

To better understand the dosing issue, and why cannabis juice is almost incomparably more replete with cannabinoids – AKA the healthy stuff – than smoking a joint, let’s look at the amount of THC in a joint versus the amount of THCA in a glass of juice(THCA being the non-psychoactive version of the compound). A joint might contain up to 10mg of THC; a glass of juice might contain up to 600mg of THCA. So, in other words, drinking cannabis juice shouldn’t even be compared to smoking a joint. Smoking is a disgusting and out of date social ritual of inhaling poisonous fumes; this is drinking a juice that will do more to keep you healthy than anything else in your diet.

Here’s a video that gives a wonderfully concise explanation for why cannabis juice is about to be a HUGE deal in your life, and why you’ll demand it for you and your family:

Note about pricing: making cannabis juice is currently cost prohibitive – but once mass production cranks up the price should collapse. Due to the ease of growing cannabis there is every reason to think that ten years from now cannabis juice will be priced similarly to orange juice.

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